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Public Outreach

March 2022 - Professor Gavins talks to the Guardian about the effects of air pollution exposure and immune-mediated diseases

Air pollution linked to higher risk of autoimmune diseases

May 2021 - Open lecture. Brunel University London

Jekyll and Hyde: The Monstrous Side of Inflammation

Inflammation is one way your body fights infection, injury, and disease. However, what happens when things go wrong?  In this Open Lecture Professor Felicity Gavins  discusses the ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ sides of our immune system and inflammation and how, although inflammation is a good thing, playing a central role in healing, it too can have a more sinister side, becoming dysregulated and potentially leading to diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease). 

January 2021 - Research coverage on the magazine RT: For Decision Makers in Respiratory Care

Sickle Cell Discovery May Provide Pathway to Treat COVID-19

January 2021 - Sickle cell target could treat Covid

September 2019 - The Royal Society interviews Professor Gavins about her research and awarded Royal Society and Wolfson Fellowship

Royal Society Interview: Professor Felicity Gavins

July 2017, LSU Health Shreveport News 

Gavins receives $1.45 million NIH Grant

April 2015 - Elsevier SciTech Connect

Felicity Gavins of LSU discusses her work background and current research on strokes and vascular responses to pathogens at Experimental Biology 2015.

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