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You can find the full list of publications on Professor Gavins'  Google Scholar Profile or on PubMed.

Selected Publications:

(2023)Factor XII contributes to thrombotic complications and vaso-occlusion in sickle cell disease.

Sparkenbaugh EM, Henderson MW, Miller-Awe MD, Abrams C, Ilich A, Trebak F, Ramadas N, Vital SA, Bohinc D, Bane K, Chen C, Patel M, Wallisch M, Renné T, Gruber A, Cooley B, Gailani D, Kasztan M, Vercellotti GM, Belcher JD, FNE Gavins, Stavrou EX, Key NS, Pawlinski R.

Blood.2022017074. Link

(2023)Regulating Neutrophil PAD4/NOX-Dependent Cerebrovascular Thromboinflammation.

Ansari J, Vital SA, Yadav S, FNE Gavins

International Journal of Biological Sciences 19 (3), 852-864. Link


(2022)Bryostatin-1 Attenuates Ischemia-Elicited Neutrophil Transmigration and Ameliorates Graft Injury after Kidney Transplantation.

F Becker, L Kebschull, C Rieger, A Mohr, B Heitplatz, V Van Marck, U Hansen, J Ansari, S Reuter, B Strücker, A Pascher, JG Brockmann, T Castor, JS Alexander, FNE Gavins

Cells. 11 (6), 948. Link

(2022)The Spectrum of Acute Cerebrovascular Disease in Patients with COVID-19.

R Triay, P Buchhanolla, A Gaudet, V Winter, A Gaudet, M Faraji, E Gonzalez-Toledo, H Siddaiah, HH Cuellar-Saenz, S Bailey, V Javalkar, RMS Riel-Romero, RE Kelley, FNE Gavins, J Ansari.

Biomedicines. 10 (2), 435. Link

(2022)COVID-19 through Adverse Outcome Pathways: Building networks to better understand the disease - 3rd CIAO AOP Design Workshop

LA Clerbaux, N Amigó N, MJ Amorim, A Bal-Price, S Batista Leite, A Beronius, GFG Bezemer, AC Bostroem, A Carusi, S Coecke, R Concha, EP Daskalopoulos, F Debernardi, E Edrosa, SW Edwards, J Filipovska, N Garcia-Reyero, FNE Gavins, S Halappanavar, AJ Hargreaves, HT Hogberg, MT Huynh, D Jacobson, J Josephs-Spaulding, YJ Kim, HJ Kong, CE Krebs, A Lam, B Landesmann, A Layton, YO Lee, DS Macmillan, A Mantovani, L Margiotta-Casaluci, M Martens, R Masereeuw, SA Mayasich, LM Mei, H Mortensen, A Munoz Pineiro, P Nymark, E Ohayon, J Ojasi, A Paini, N Parissis, S Parvatam, F Pistollato, M Sachana, JB Sørli, KM Sullivan, J Sund, S Tanabe, K Tsaioun, M Vinken, L Viviani, J Waspe, C Willett, C Wittwehr.
ALTEX 39 (2), 322–335. Link

(2022)Thromboinflammation in coronavirus disease 2019: The clot thickens

R Iffah, FNE Gavins

British Journal of Pharmacology 179, 2100-2107. Link

(2021)Neutrophils and Platelets: Immune Soldiers Fighting Together in Stroke Pathophysiology

J Ansari, FNE Gavins

Biomedicines 199 (12),1945. Link

(2021)The Resolution Mediator Annexin A1 Affords Protection Against Thromboinflammation

FNE Gavins

Blood 138 (Supplement 1), 1056-1056. Link

(2021)The impact of thrombo‐inflammation on the cerebral microcirculation

J Ansari, FNE Gavins

Microcirculation 28 (3), e12689. Link

(2021) Targeting the AnxA1/Fpr2/ALX pathway regulates neutrophil function, promoting thromboinflammation resolution in sickle cell disease

J Ansari, EY Senchenkova, SA Vital, Z Al-Yafeai, G Kaur, EM Sparkenbaugh, AW Orr, R Pawlinski, RP Hebbel, DN Granger, P Kubes, FNE Gavins

Blood 137 (11), 1538-1549. Link

(2021) A Biomicrofluidic Screening Platform for Dysfunctional Endothelium‐Targeted Nanoparticles and Therapeutics

S Bazban-Shotorbani, FNE Gavins, K Kant, M Dufva, N Kamaly

Advanced NanoBiomed Research, 2100092.z Link

(2021) Long-lived lanthanide emission via a pH-sensitive and switchable LRET complex

T Boltersdorf, FNE Gavins, NJ Long

Chemical Science. Link

(2021) Targeting AnxA1/formyl peptide receptor 2 pathway affords protection against pathological thrombo-inflammation

SA Vital, EY Senchenkova, J Ansari, FNE Gavins

Cells 9 (11), 2473. Link

(2020) Bioinformatics analysis of gut microbiota and CNS transcriptome in virus-induced acute myelitis and chronic inflammatory demyelination; Potential Association of Distinct Bacteria With CNS IgA Upregulation

S Omura, F Sato, AM Park, M Fujita, S Khadka, Y Nakamura, A Katsuki, K Nishio, FNE Gavins, I Tsunoda

Frontiers in immunology 11, 1138. Link

(2020) Targeting of Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 for in vivo imaging of acute vascular inflammation

T Boltersdorf, J Ansari, EY Senchenkova, J Groeper, D Pajonczyk, SA Vital, G Kaur, JS Alexander, T Vogl, U Rescher, NJ Long, FNE Gavins

Theranostics 10 (15), 6599. Link

(2019) Endogenous specialized Proresolving mediator profiles in a novel experimental model of lymphatic obstruction and intestinal inflammation in African Green monkeys

F Becker, E Romero, J Goetzmann, DL Hasselschwert, B Dray, J Vanchiere, J Fontenot, JW Yun, PC Norris, L White, M Musso, CN Serhan, JS Alexander, FNE Gavins

The American journal of pathology 189 (10), 1953-1972. Link

(2019) Dynamic gut microbiome changes following regional intestinal lymphatic obstruction in primates

F Becker*, FNE Gavins*, J Fontenot, P Jordan, JY Yun, R Scott, PR Polk, RE Friday, M Boktor, M Musso, E Romero, S Boudreaux, J Simmons, DL Hasselschwert, JE Goetzmann, J Vanchiere, U Cvek, M Trutschl, P Kilgore, JS Alexander

Pathophysiology 26 (3-4), 253-261. *Contributed equally. Link

(2019) Novel role for the AnxA1-Fpr2/ALX signaling axis as a key regulator of platelet function to promote resolution of inflammation

EY Senchenkova, J Ansari, F Becker, SA Vital, Z Al-Yafeai, M Sparkenbaugh, R Pawlinski, KY Stokes, JL Carroll, A Dragoi, CX Qin, RH Ritchie, H Sun, HH Cuellar-Saenz, MR Rubinstein, YW Han, AW Orr, M Perretti, DN Granger, FNE Gavins

Circulation 140 (4), 319-335. Link

(2019) Novel Role of T Cells and IL-6 (Interleukin-6) in angiotensin II–induced microvascular dysfunction

EY Senchenkova, J Russell, A Yildirim, DN Granger, FNE Gavins

Hypertension 73 (4), 829-838. Link

(2019) Development, characterisation and in vitro evaluation of lanthanide-based FPR2/ALX-targeted imaging probes

T Boltersdorf, J Ansari, EY Senchenkova, L Jiang, AJP White, M Coogan, FNE Gavins*, NJ Long*

Dalton Transactions 48 (44), 16764-16775. *Contributed equally. Link

(2018) The isothiocyanate sulforaphane modulates platelet function and protects against cerebral thrombotic dysfunction

S Gillespie, PM Holloway, F Becker, F Rauzi, SA Vital, KA Taylor, KY Stokes, MEmerson, FNE Gavins

British Journal of Pharmacology 175 (16), 3333-3346. Link

(2018) Metallothionein I as a direct link between therapeutic hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells and cerebral protection in stroke

HK Smith, S Omura, SA Vital, F Becker, EY Senchenkova, G Kaur, I Tsunoda, SM Peirce, FNE Gavins

The FASEB Journal 32 (5), 2381-2394. Link

(2018) Therapeutic potential of annexin A1 in ischemia reperfusion injury

J Ansari, G Kaur, FNE Gavins

International journal of molecular sciences 19 (4), 1211. Link

(2018) Sickle cell disease: a malady beyond a hemoglobin defect in cerebrovascular disease

J Ansari, YE Moufarrej, R Pawlinski, FNE Gavins

Expert review of hematology 11 (1), 45-55. Link

(2017) Mast cells mediate early neutrophil recruitment and exhibit anti‐inflammatory properties via the formyl peptide receptor 2/lipoxin A4 receptor

EL Hughes, F Becker, RJ Flower, JC Buckingham, FNE Gavins

British journal of pharmacology 174 (14), 2393-2408. Link

(2017) Downregulation of CX3CR1 ameliorates experimental colitis: evidence for CX3CL1-CX3CR1-mediated immune cell recruitment

F Becker, C Holthoff, C Anthoni, E Rijcken, JS Alexander, FNE Gavins, HU Spiegel, N Senninger, T Vowinkel

International journal of colorectal disease 32 (3), 315-324. Link

(2017) Sulforaphane induces neurovascular protection against a systemic inflammatory challenge via both Nrf2-dependent and independent pathways

PM Holloway, S Gillespie, F Becker, SA Vital, V Nguyen, JS Alexander, PC Evans, FNE Gavins

Vascular pharmacology 85, 29-38. Link

(2016) Formyl-Peptide Receptor 2/3/Lipoxin A4 Receptor Regulates Neutrophil-Platelet Aggregation and Attenuates Cerebral Inflammation: Impact for Therapy 

SA Vital, F Becker, PM Holloway, J Russell, M Perretti, DN Granger, FNE Gavins

Circulation 133 (22), 2169-2179. Link

(2016) Modeling ischemic stroke in vitro: status quo and future perspectives

PM Holloway, FNE Gavins

Stroke 47 (2), 561-569. Link

(2015) Both MC1 and MC3 Receptors Provide Protection From Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion–Induced Neutrophil Recruitment

PM Holloway, PF Durrenberger, M Trutschl, U Cvek, D Cooper, AW Orr, M Perretti, SJ Getting, FNE Gavins

Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 35 (9), 1936-1944. Link

(2015) Critical differences between two classical surgical approaches for middle cerebral artery occlusion-induced stroke in mice

HK Smith, JM Russell, DN Granger, FNE Gavins

Journal of Neuroscience Methods 249, 99-105. Link

(2015) Targeting formyl peptide receptor 2 reduces leukocyte‐endothelial interactions in a murine model of stroke

HK Smith, CD Gil, SM Oliani, FNE Gavins

The FASEB Journal 29 (5), 2161-2171. Link

(2015) 99m Tc SPECT imaging agent based on cFLFLFK for the detection of FPR1 in inflammation

GJ Stasiuk, PM Holloway, C Rivas, W Trigg, SK Luthra, VM Iveson, FNE Gavins*, NJ Long*

Dalton Transactions 44 (11), 4986-4993. *Contributed equally. Link

(2015) PARP-14 combines with tristetraprolin in the selective posttranscriptional control of macrophage tissue factor expression

MB Iqbal, M Johns, J Cao, Y Liu, SC Yu, GD Hyde, MA Laffan, FP Marchese, SH Cho, AR Clark, FNE Gavins, KJ Woollard, PJ Blackshear, N Mackman, JL Dean, M Boothby, DO Haskard

Blood. 124 (24), 3646-3655. Link

(2014) ICAM-2 regulates vascular permeability and N-cadherin localization through ezrin-radixin-moesin (ERM) proteins and Rac-1 signalling

V Amsellem, NH Dryden, R Martinelli, F Gavins, LO Almagro, GM Birdsey, DO Haskard, JC Mason, P Turowski, AM Randi

Cell Communication and Signaling 12 (1), 1-14. Link

(2013) Role and interactions of annexin A 1 and oestrogens in the manifestation of sexual dimorphisms in cerebral and systemic inflammation

EL Hughes, PO Cover, JC Buckingham, FNE Gavins

British journal of pharmacology 169 (3), 539-553. Link

(2013) Gd 3+ cFLFLFK conjugate for MRI: a targeted contrast agent for FPR1 in inflammation

GJ Stasiuk, H Smith, M Wylezinska-Arridge, JL Tremoleda, W Trigg, SK Luthra, VM Iveson, FNE Gavins*, NJ Long*

Chemical Communications 49 (6), 564-566. *Contributed equally. Link

(2013) Leukocyte recruitment in the brain in sepsis: involvement of the annexin 1‐FPR2/ALX anti‐inflammatory system

FNE Gavins, EL Hughes, NAPS Buss, PM Holloway, SJ Getting, JC Buckingam 

The FASEB Journal 26 (12), 4977-4989. Link

(2012) Annexin A1 and the regulation of innate and adaptive immunity

FNE Gavins, MJ Hickey

Frontiers in immunology 3, 354. Link

(2012) The peritoneal tumour microenvironment of high‐grade serous ovarian cancer

DA Leinster, H Kulbe, G Everitt, R Thompson, M Perretti, FNE Gavins, D Cooper, D Gould, DP Ennis, M Lockley, I A McNeish, S Nourshargh, FR Balkwill

The Journal of pathology 227 (2), 136-145. Link

(2012) The potential of stem cell therapy for stroke: is PISCES the sign?

HK Smith, FNE Gavins

The FASEB Journal 26 (6), 2239-2252. Link

(2012) The melanocortin receptor system in mediating anti‐inflammatory protection following cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury

PM Holloway, SJ Getting, FNE Gavins

The FASEB Journal 26, 680.23-680.23. Link

(2011) Mechanisms of enhanced thrombus formation in cerebral microvessels of mice expressing hemoglobin-S

FNE Gavins, J Russell, EL Senchenkova, L De Almeida Paula, AS Damazo, CT Esmon,  Kirchhofer, RP Hebbel, DN Granger

Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 117 (15), 4125-4133. Link

(2011) Microvascular thrombosis and CD40/CD40L signaling

FNE Gavins, G Li, J Russell, M Perretti, DN Granger

Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 9 (3), 574-581. Link

(2011) Targeting the melanocortin receptor system for anti-stroke therapy

PM Holloway, HK Smith, D Renshaw, RJ Flower, SJ Getting, FNE Gavins

Trends in pharmacological sciences 32 (2), 90-98. Link

(2011) Are formyl peptide receptors novel targets for therapeutic intervention in ischaemia–reperfusion injury?

FNE Gavins

Trends in pharmacological sciences 31 (6), 266-276. Link

(2008) Activation of the annexin 1 counter‐regulatory circuit affords protection in the mouse brain microcirculation

FNE Gavins, J Dalli, RJ Flower, DN Granger, M Perretti

The FASEB Journal 21 (8), 1751-1758. Link

(2005) Formyl‐peptide receptor is not involved in the protection afforded by annexin 1 in murine acute myocardial infarct

FNE Gavins, AM Kamal, M D'Amico, SM Oliani, M Perretti

The FASEB journal 19 (1), 100-102. Link

(2004) Leukocyte antiadhesive actions of annexin 1: ALXR-and FPR-related anti-inflammatory mechanisms

FNE Gavins, S Yona, AM Kamal, RJ Flower, M Perretti

Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 101 (10), 4140-4147. Link

(2003) Annexin 1: an endogenous anti-inflammatory protein

M Perretti, FNE Gavins

Physiology 18 (2), 60-64. Link

(2003) Aberrant inflammation and resistance to glucocorticoids in Annexin 1−/− Mouse

R Hannon, JD Croxtall, SJ Getting, F Roviezzo, S Yona, MJ Paul‐Clark, FNE Gavins, M Perretti, JF Morris, JC Buckingham, RJ Flower

The FASEB Journal 17 (2), 253-255. Link


(2002) The annexin-1 knockout mouse: what it tells us about the inflammatory response

F Roviezzo, SJ Getting, M Paul-Clark, S Yona, FNE Gavins, M Perretti, R Hannon, JD Croxtall, JC Buckingham, RJ Flower

Journal of physiology and pharmacology 53 (4, part 1), 541-553. Link



Vascular Responses to Pathogens

Gavins FNE & Stokes KY (Editors). Elsevier Publishing



Lymphatic Structure and Function in Health and Disease

Gavins FNE & Alexander JS (Editors). Elsevier Publishing


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